A friendship between is two Aquarius is a constructive relationship, with the friends focusing on the well being not just of each other, but of the people around them as well. Aquarius are energetic, outgoing, and thrive well amidst a group of people. The friends usually have a great time with each other, as well as other people. Aquarius are good at socialising with people.

Aquarius tend to concentrate on the big picture, considering a group of people impersonally as an entity.

Potential Problems

This character could make them difficult to deal with real feelings or concentrate on the affairs of a single person. The ruling planets of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus.

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Saturn represents persistence and dependability, and incites Aquarius to toil hard for their dreams. Uranus represents new and revolutionary ideas. Aquarius have high intelligence; but sometimes their brilliant ideas could be too far reaching as to outrun their practicality. However, Aquarius are, in general, productive individuals, and are respected by other people. Aquarius is an air sign. Aquarius love following intellectual pursuits.

To make these astrology charts, you need to have precise birth data for both of you, i.

You do this analysis by comparing the planetary placements from both charts and determining the aspects your planets are making. If your planets make a lot of good planets, the situation is favorable and that indicates the possibility of a long and harmonious relationship. In this article, we are making a comparison of the general traits of an Aquarius man and a Scorpio woman to determine their compatibility. The Aquarius man is an interesting guy, although it can appear eccentric and weird at times. These men can appear timid and reserved, but that is often a defense mechanism they use until they get to know someone.

These men are also known for their unpredictable reactions with which they surprise and often shock people. They have some unorthodox beliefs and ideas which most people cannot accept and understand.

Virgo and Aquarius

Because of that many of these men often tend to feel isolated, lonely, and misunderstood. Aquarius men are easy-going and adaptable. They are often absentminded and distant, occupied with their thoughts and making plans on how to materialize their ideas into reality. These men are often genius and often create works of great benefit to humans and the world in general. An Aquarius man will help anyone in need, selflessly and not expecting anything in return.

They are loyal to their friends and manage to maintain their friendships for a lifetime. They often have a lot of acquaintances they spend their time with, but have several true friends which they can trust completely. These men are sociable and loners at the same time.

Aquarius and Aquarius Table of Contents

They are attracted to smart and independent women who know where they are going. Clinginess, nagging and criticism, are traits they cannot tolerate, and they quickly ran away from such women. They also cannot stand jealousy and pressure of any kind. These men are very tolerant, but they have their boundaries and their boundaries cannot be broken. They value their freedom and independence much, and they desire to maintain some kind of independence even when they are in a relationship or married.


If he chooses to be in a relationship or to get married, that decision is a result of a long time thought process. He has willingly decided to be exclusive with a woman and that usually happens when he is deeply in love with her.

Aquarius men are usually not cheating types and are loyal and devoted when they are in a relationship. Such behavior is a sure way to get this man out of your life, so have that in mind if you are dating him or have a desire to do that. The Aquarius man is often an adrenaline addict. These men love extreme activities and extreme sports and are often actively doing some.

In fact, phone sex is on the menu for these to erotic and experimental beings. Most couples are drawing happy and comfortable lines in the sand about what is proper in the sheets. Their unique relationship perspective lends to the intense Aquarius and Gemini compatibility.

The Aquarius and Gemini personalities want to find a place to run buck naked. Now, as far as being in the middle of the sex act and caught, Aquarius could care less. In fact, they would find that a fun memory to share with future generations. Gemini has a touch of modesty and might pull the shy card if caught naked in public. Note the Gemini is shier than the Aquarius by a narrow margin alone. To spice things up, Aquarius and Gemini insist that they mate with a partner of high intellect. It lends heat to the bedroom and keeps life outside the bedroom from growing droll.

This couple masters the means of physical satisfaction fast.

Aquarius Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility | Keen

It takes no time whatsoever for these two seductive beings to learn what makes the other tick. If they do not nurture the emotional part of the relationship, this pairing fizzles and fades. When in a romantic pairing, Gemini demands someone who will educate them. They need to learn things as it is part of what they crave in this lifetime. Aquarius has much to share with Gemini.

The give and take make them a power couple and their romance is something others will envy. The attraction in the Aquarius and Gemini love match is electric and palpable. Sometimes others have trouble understanding the imaginative conversations this couple whips up!

Gemini loves the way Aquarius thinks as it gives them plenty of intriguing topics to discuss. The Aquarius personality is a Visionary and one who sees innovations ahead of their time. An air-ruled sign, the intellect of the Aquarius is hard to match, but Gemini pulls it off without a hitch. Gemini stays open to the ideas Aquarius shares.

Aquarius loves the way Gemini can feed their mind and ego. Their conversations flow from rationale to crazy in a heartbeat. These two can debate like no other. May the Gods help us if they get into politics! Since the two of these seductive creatures pay so much attention to sex, they neglect emotion. When it comes time to talk emotions, it might feel awkward to do so.

Both parties are freedom lovers in this pairing. Bringing the relationship to the next level of commitment leads to clashes. This is true when one of the parties in more for commitment than the other. Fear of responsibility and loss of spontaneity may send the partner running.


Aquarius Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Then hurt feelings result. The complexities of emotional entanglement leave a sour taste in the mouths of those in an Aquarius and Gemini relationship. Gemini and Aquarius are a unique pairing indeed. They share the same polarity of a Ying or masculine energy. They demand action as part of their life. They might even be aggressive in pursuit of their goals. Forging forward, sometimes regardless of consequence, this couple is carefree.